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The best part

Plans and pricing

Each customer gets a customized package, but here are some guidelines

Security Essentials


Stay secure in today's world
  • Go beyond your included AV
  • Advanced, centrally monitored AV for all your endpoints
  • Email protection and scanning- the biggest source of malware
  • Active threat hunting for latent, hidden malware
  • Automated and human remediation for any threats

Managed Services


Support for BYOD businesses
  • Includes all prior features
  • Helpdesk support for all supported employees
  • Review of existing solutions and problems
  • Short and Long term IT strategy planning
  • Access to our hardware discount program

Office in a Box


Everything you need 
  • Includes all prior features
  • Enterprise grade Office PCs, upgraded to today's needs
  • Networking equipment (Router, Switches, WiFi AP's)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Enterprise phone system with unlimited NA calling

How do we compete with doing IT yourself?

Economies of scale, efficient procedures, and specialized staff make all the difference.

  • Volume

    We provide services to hundreds of employees across western Canada, and work hard to leverage that into savings for our customers

  • Defined Processes

    Our processes have been developed to maximize efficiency, while carefully maintaining flexibility

  • Specializations

    You likely don't need a full time IT staff for edge cases.
    We hire the specialists and split their time in a way that makes sense for our clients as part of their support plan

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Get your custom quote today

Each customer's needs is unique. Let's discuss a path forward together.

Frequently asked questions

What are your support hours?

We support businesses across a wide range of business and off hours support depending on your needs. We are able to support businesses 24/7

Does your all in one approach limit flexibility?

In some ways, yes. But that is a good thing. 

We limit many trivial things to what we know works, scales, and will work for your business for years to come. For example, we may have a limited selection when it comes to laptops to those we know work. We may provide suggestions to specific software that we know would fit your needs.

When it comes to how you run your business? No. We will make every effort to support what you do, however you do it.

What size of business do you support?

We have provided services to business of all sizes, right up to companies with 100+ employees.
Our approach scales with you, and our support does too.

We are interested in helping you succeed because as you grow, we grow as well.

Are there any commitments?

It depends. Due to the large upfront investment, we may require a 1 or 3 year commitment in some extreme cases.

When you agree to a longer timeframe, your may be entitled to a discount as part of your commitment.

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